The Kairos IS & IT Audit Series

From enforcing strict access policies to deploying encrypted tools, discover how to fortify against cyber threats in an era of a “remote-loving workforce”

Unlocking the secrets of secure remote work requires organizations to consider various factors. Prioritize confidentiality, integrity, and security by developing and enforcing a clear Remote Access Policy. Ensure employees are well-versed in the challenges of remote work through regular Security Awareness Training.

Implement encrypted communication tools like HTTPS, TLS, and VPN for secure data transmission. Manage, track, and update information assets with antivirus software, enforcing multifactor authentication for access. Deploy data encryption tools to protect information at every stage.
Regularly update operating systems, change default passwords, and employ network monitoring tools to detect unusual activity. Establish a robust incident response plan to mitigate security incidents promptly.

Enforce privacy regulations, compliance standards, and applicable policies within the remote workforce to protect sensitive information. Conduct routine security audits and assessments to identify and address threats and vulnerabilities.

In navigating the remote work landscape, these strategies ensure a resilient and secure environment, laying the foundation for a successful and protected digital future.


Author: Unity F.A. Darko,
IT Auditor, Kairos Vision Consult

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