PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is one of the most world’s most prescriptive technical standards, and it continues to evolve to better address and progress payment security.

If you are a merchant, service provider, or sub-service provider who stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data, then PCI compliance is critical to the operability of your organization. A non-compliant organization could be subject to substantial fines and penalties, termination of the ability to accept cards as payment, loss of business, lost confidence of customers, and legal costs. On the other hand, PCI compliance demonstrates your commitment to security and assures your clients that their cardholder data is protected.

Planting Our Roots

Kairos Vision Consult has deep background and leadership in PCI compliance, working with merchants of all sizes, processors, acquiring banks, independent sales organizations, and card brands around the world. Whatever your requirements, Kairos Vision Consult can help elevate your security posture and streamline your compliance process.

PCI DSS: Fast Facts and Consequences

  • The standard is a mature 12-step process for enhancing payment data security and involves three steps for adherence: assessing, remediating, and reporting.
  • The most recent version of the standard is 3.2, and it placed a greater emphasis on multifactor authentication and service providers, among other changes.
  • All merchants that process or transmit cardholder data fall into one of four levels, which are based on how many transactions they process.
  • Also included as part of PCI security standards are the PIN Transaction Security requirements and the Payment Application Data Security Standard.
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