Third Party Vendor Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is fundamental to any organizational risk management program and is a methodology used to identify, assess, and prioritize organizational risk. One way to look at a formal risk assessment process in your organization is being proactive rather than reactive. This will save your business from any operational and reputational loss.

What is Third Party Vendor Risk Assessment?

A Vendor Compliance Assessment

What happens if your operations depend on the availability of your vendor’s services, but their service has an outage? If one of your vendors goes out of business, how does your organization continue to operate? If your organization shares cardholder data with a vendor and that vendor has a breach, what are the consequences for your organization? These are the types of scenarios your organization must consider when selecting vendors and effectively managing vendor risk.

Kairos Vision Consult’s vendor compliance assessment is used to evaluate, test, and report on the effectiveness of a vendor’s information security and regulatory compliance controls. 

Kairos Vision Consult provides effective and efficient Third-Party Assessment (TPA) program to ensure it provide benefits to various facets of you enterprise. We offer a range of services with various entry points through the TPA lifecycle, helping clients assess their current state programs and develop a roadmap for designing, building, and improving their current programs.

The result? A report validating the vendor’s commitment to delivering high quality, secure services to clients.

How can a Vendor Compliance Assessment benefit your organization?

Organizations and their vendors are incredibly interconnected, which is why attacks on vendors are so common. You’re putting a great deal of control into vendor’s hands, so managing vendor risk must be an integral part of any business.

Why work with Kairos vision Consult?

When you work with Kairos Vision Consult, your organization is partnered with an expert in information security. Kairos Vision Consult Information Security Specialists are here to help you identify risks and develop a readiness plan for the compliance requirements that you face. Our firm has experience in information security and compliance assurance. We perform assessments, audits, and tests that strengthen information security and internal controls.

Kairos Vision Consult’s Information Security Specialists are senior-level experts, holding certifications like CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCISO, CEH, and CRISC to help you audit your vendors. Connect with us today to learn about vendor compliance best practices and ow we can help your organization. 

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